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A born and raised Saskatchewan prairie girl, the prairies were my first love, the mountains are my forever love.

I am a Dream Life Coach with a passion to help women have the best marriage ever.

I’ve been serving people for about 44 years, 28 of those in healthcare and 12 in ministry through the local church and in the community.

I graduated from the School of Women in Ministry 2014.

Certified Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy 2019.

Certified Coach with Dream Life Certification 2023

Former Freedom Session Director/facilitator for 6 years, in the church. Supporting people with self sabotage and addictions, healing past hurts and learning to forgive forever. Restoring relationships, and releasing people to a renewed life.

What I discovered is that everything is about relationships and marriage, for these are the places of total vulnerability and our greatest pain comes right there. We are broken and hurt people who continue to hurt others because we haven’t put our past where it belongs, in the past.

Mission Statement:

I have a saying: “Past, Present and Future walk into a room, and all was at peace.”

My mission is to see everyone make peace with their past and get a vision for their future, and start living it now.

To do marriage and relationships well on earth, healing one person at a time has a ripple effect.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to make marriage beautiful again, to make the family whole again and to help you leave a beautiful legacy for the generations to come.

My hope is that you want this more than I want it for you… See you on the inside.

To your marriage!

Justina Rake